Ramshot Enforcer

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Smokeless Powder

Product Overview

ENFORCER is the best choice for high performance, full power loads in magnum handgun cartridges. It is ideally suited for the 44 Magnum, 454 Casull, 460 S&W, and the 500 S&W. It is a double-base spherical powder with excellent metering qualities that meets the performance expectations of serious magnum handgun shooters. Made in Belgium.


(7 reviews) Write a Review

7 Reviews

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    Enforcer gunpowder

    Posted by Ronald Call on May 16th 2024

    I use Enforcer to load 45 colt to 44 Magnum + velocities for my 454 Casull. If you can handle the recoil it's a great hunting load.

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    Surprisingly good for 300 Blackout

    Posted by Airwolf on Aug 3rd 2023

    I have been developing a 300 Blackout load with this powder using 85gr Maker TREX projectiles. I am using it because Hodgdon H110 and Vihtavuori N110 do not burn fast enough for this light of a projectile. I am up to 2414 feet per second average from a 7.5" 300 Blackout 1:5 barrel. For comparison, I get 2440 feet per second from Black Hills Mk262 Mod 1 77gr 5.56 in a 12.5" barrel. The SD/ES is not very good with this powder in this application, but for the ranges this particular round is intended, it really does not matter.

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    Ramshot Enforcer powder

    Posted by Herb on Jun 24th 2022

    I've used this in 500 S&W and really happy with the performance and how clean it burns. Be advised it's like little ball bearings if you spill any. I also like that it doesn't require a mag primer.

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    Enforcer powder

    Posted by Kevin Irwin on Jan 6th 2022

    I really like the metering . Very nice flow and accurate. Delivery was better than expected.

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    Ramshot Enforcer purchase

    Posted by Jeff on Jul 8th 2021

    got this for the 357 mag and is perfect will buy again..

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    Ramshot Enforcer for 44 Magnum

    Posted by steve on Jul 3rd 2021

    This is an excellent powder to use for 44 Magnum. I've used it successfully with 215 gn coated lead bullets (Bayou) and 240 gn JSP (Montana Gold). Chrony results were excellent and the powder burned cleaner than anything else I've used to date.

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    Enforcer powder

    Posted by Jeff on Jun 19th 2021

    I use this in 38 special and 357 magnum, works very well, will be buying again...