Ramshot TAC

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Smokeless Powder

Product Overview

TAC is a double-base spherical propellant that sets the standard for extreme accuracy and reliability with heavy bullets in the 223 Remington and match applications in 308 Winchester. Excellent flow characteristics ensure consistent metering and charge weights for repeatable results with progressive loading equipment. It is the choice for shooters who demand precision and accuracy. Made in the USA.


(29 reviews) Write a Review

29 Reviews

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    TAC, 65G Sierra SBT IN .223

    Posted by Douglas Greene on Jun 25th 2023

    I am using 25.0g TAC with Sierra Game Kings in my Wylde chambered carbine 16 inch barrel including a VG 6 and getting 2744 fps with good accuracy.

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    Ramshot TAC

    Posted by Bryan Parrish on Jul 10th 2022

    As for reloading the .308 cartridges. (for my Areo Precision AR10) 178-208 gr. Hornady CX. ELD-X. ELD-MATCH bullets this powder produces great results and consistency. The shipping was quick with no hiccups.

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    Posted by 223 on Jun 24th 2022

    Very clean burning, good accuracy & velocity with faster twist heavier bullet 223s.

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    TAC does flow great in progressives and it meters very precisely.

    Posted by John Taylor on Apr 26th 2022

    This powder is very versatile and burns super clean, we don't need as many different powders because we use this for more calibers and weights.

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    Ramshot TAC

    Posted by J Dylan on Mar 28th 2022

    Awesome powder. Good groups. Most ½ to ¼ MOA took some time to develop but outstanding powder for the 223

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    Ramshot Tac

    Posted by Herb Rosenbaum on Mar 27th 2022

    We are using the Ramshot Tac for the Service Rifle 5.56mm ammo. Shoots great and is quite accurate at 100 yards.

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    Flows great in progressive loader

    Posted by John Taylor on Mar 21st 2022

    Works great and is very versatile I use it in a lot of different cartridges.

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    6.5 grendel

    Posted by Tom on Mar 19th 2022

    Meters nice haven’t been able to shoot it yet though

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    Ramshot TAC

    Posted by Thomas Francisco on Mar 14th 2022

    A very good 308 powder. I was happy to see it become a available. I was down to my last 4 oz. before I found it.