Ramshot Competition

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Product Overview

COMPETITION is an extremely clean burning powder for 12 gauge target shooters. A double-base modified (flattened) spherical propellant, It is designed for the 12 gauge competitive clay target shooter who demands a clean burning powder with low recoil and consistent performance. It is a low bulk density powder that is also well suited for many low pressure, low velocity Cowboy Action loads. Made in the USA.



(15 reviews) Write a Review

15 Reviews

  • 4
    Ramshot zcompetion

    Posted by Dennis on Apr 25th 2024

    Great powder but if hopper gets low get various low charges

  • 5
    Ram shot competition powder

    Posted by Art on Jun 12th 2022

    Works great. I was looking for a shotgun powder that low recoil for short range competition shooting and this works great.

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    Ramshot Competition powder

    Posted by Cliff H. on Mar 13th 2022

    To be frank, I ordered this powder because I can’t seem to find ANYTHING else in stock! The current component availability situation has lead me to try stuff I have no experience with. I usually load with either WST or Titewad for 12 ga. 7/8, 1 or 1 1/8 oz. target loads in AA hulls with AA clone wads. To be fair, I’ve only loaded one box of 1 oz. target shells with the Ramshot Competition powder. It metered well with consistent charge weights. I shot a round of Sporting Clays with it alongside a box loaded with Titewad. It seemed to perform equally well as the Titewad and left no powder residue in the barrels of my O/U. There appears to be many different recipes for this powder, I would not hesitate to give it a try.

  • 5
    good for target loads

    Posted by faron craig on Feb 22nd 2022

    competition is always clean burning and very repeatable drop rates

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    Burns claen

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 7th 2021

    1oz, 18.4 grains, cheddite, Gun clubs, 7.5. Soft shooting

  • 5
    Ramshot Competition

    Posted by John on Oct 3rd 2021

    Awesome highly accurate powder

  • 5
    Ramshot competition

    Posted by Odie on Sep 14th 2021

    Awesome powder, meters great, burns clean and really accurate in 45 acp.

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    Switched to Ramshot Competition

    Posted by Glenn Regan on Sep 13th 2021

    Powder works great. It’s very fine so some leaks from the charge bar occur. It’s not as clean as I would like but it does clean up easy. Not a bad switch from Clays.

  • 5
    Ramshot Competition

    Posted by Mike Gray on Sep 12th 2021

    Ramshot 3/4 ounce 12 gauge does as good as any other at 7/8, 1",1&1/8. Burns very clean.