Winchester WST

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Smokeless Powder

Product Overview

Winchester WST is a ball powder and THE choice to duplicate 12-gauge AA factory loads and standard velocity handgun loads. It is ideal for use in 45 Auto match applications. Consistent, clean, low flash and smoke are benefits to the shooter.

Made in the USA. 

Available in 1 lb., 4 lb. and 8 lb. containers.


(16 reviews) Write a Review

16 Reviews

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    WST Target Loads

    Posted by Ken F. on Sep 12th 2022

    I have usedWST for over 40 years for cast 200gr 45acp loads and found 3.5gr with a cast 158gr swc in 38 Special is a tack driving load. Very happy.

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    WST powder

    Posted by Robert on May 20th 2022

    Excellent trap shooting powder.

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    Posted by Bmccann on May 17th 2022

    Great powder for trap. My wife, our10 year old son and myself all shoot trap and this is great low recoil powder for us all to shoot the same one ounce load.

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    Posted by Wm haven on Aug 30th 2021

    It is the best i have found

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    WST Powder

    Posted by Hal Chang on Aug 29th 2021

    This powder closely matches the Winchester AA target factory loads I use in competition. No misfires with consistent velocity.

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    Posted by Gerald Perry on Aug 19th 2021

    I bought this to load 7/8 ounce 12 gauge loads. Low pressure and minimal recoil. Destroys targets at the 16 yard line. Shot my best score using the same load for skeet. My only complaint, which really isn’t a concern is it is pretty dirty but barrel cleans right up. I’d buy it again.

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    Meters great in auto powder measure

    Posted by Lynn on Jul 5th 2021

    Excellent results in 45 acp. A little temperature Sensitive in colder weather with small charges, but that is not a problem if you bump The load up a little.

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    Winchester WST

    Posted by Unknown on May 7th 2021

    A very good powder with many available recipes from the Hodgdon reloading center. Very consistent metering for a ball powder.

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    Thank you PEGS!

    Posted by Tree on May 6th 2021

    Great powders, great company.