Hodgdon Trail Boss®

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Smokeless Powder

Product Overview

Trail Boss was designed specifically for low-velocity lead bullets suitable for Cowboy Action shooting.

It is primarily a pistol powder but has some application in rifles.

Trail Boss is based on new technology that allows very-high loading density, good flow through powder measures, stability in severe temperature variation, and, most importantly, additional safety to the handloader.

Made in Australia. 

Available in 9 oz. and 2 lb. containers.


(7 reviews) Write a Review

7 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Delmar Hauff on May 24th 2023

    Trailboss is one of my favorite powders. If I had to pick just one powder to use it would be Trailboss.

  • 5
    trail boss powder

    Posted by Don R Klug on Jun 1st 2022

    works well with 325 gr fn

  • 5
    Trail Boss powder

    Posted by Dave Harrell on May 27th 2022

    I love this powder for my 308 subsonic loads. It is bulky and fills the case more than most powders when trying to get a subsonic load. Hope to see it again soon.

  • 5
    trail boss,

    Posted by normsutton on Oct 10th 2021

    works great in 45 long colt and in 50/70 , sure wish you start producing again,

  • 5
    Trailboss n Reduced Subsonic Load

    Posted by Michael Wilson on Sep 22nd 2021

    I love this stuff for good ol fashion fun.

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    Trail Boss powder.

    Posted by Michael Defusco on Mar 29th 2021

    I have used this powder in 9mm , .357, 44mag. 45acp, 45 colt it is very consistent. It’s nothing but fun for low presser low velocity loads. You can also load it up for a little more snap. The only problem is getting this powder. It melters well and is impossible to double charge.

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    Trailboss powder

    Posted by RowdyWolf on Feb 19th 2021

    I absolutely love this powder for reduced loads and easy shooting with cast bullets in 38 Special and 30-30 Winchester with cast,gas checked bullets! The cast bullets in the 30-30 probably don't even need the gas checks but I use them for other loads also. I've loaded hundreds of rounds with Trailboss and will always keep some around from now on! I used these loads to teach my grandson to shoot the 38 and 30-30 with no recoil and he loves it! This stuff should be on everyone's reloading bench!!