Hodgdon H1000®

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Smokeless Powder

Product Overview

This extruded powder is a member of Hodgdon’s Extreme series of powder with slow-burning characteristics, perfect for highly-overbored magnums like the 7mm Remington Magnum, 7mm STW and the 30-378 Weatherby. In addition, with heavy bullets, H1000 gives top velocity and performance in such cartridges as the 6mm-284, 257 Weatherby, 270 Winchester, and 300 Winchester Magnum. In a short period of time this powder has achieved considerable popularity among long-range match shooters.

Available in 1 lb. and 8 lb. containers.


(26 reviews) Write a Review

26 Reviews

  • 5
    The best rifle powder

    Posted by H1000 on Jun 7th 2022

    Simply the best and most consistent burning powder for my rifle hunting loads.

  • 5
    Finally Found It

    Posted by John G on Jun 4th 2022

    H1000. Finally found the unicorn powder in stock. Only see it once every 2 or 3 years. Hopefully there will be more sightings in the future. Great product for consistent velocity in a 338 Lapua, but I dont set any speed records with it.

  • 5
    H-1000 powder

    Posted by Troy Tuten on Apr 16th 2022

    The go to powder for magnum cartridges. Consistently low ES/SD readings.

  • 5

    Posted by Steve on Apr 16th 2022

    Great powder for magnum rifles and even smaller large rifle. I use in .243 and .243 Ackley improved. Excellent energies and accuracy

  • 5

    Posted by Norm on Apr 1st 2022

    Bought a new 6.5 prc last year. Initially reloaded with H4831 with good but not great results. Switched to H1000 and got tighter groups. Have been looking for H1000 for over six months and finally got it directly from Hodgdon. Thank you for the direct on-line purchase opportunity when product is available.

  • 5

    Posted by Thomas Fountain on Mar 31st 2022

    Great to finally get a couple pounds. Is a constant performer in the .300 win mag.

  • 5
    H1000 7mm Mag

    Posted by WALTER F GOTCHALL on Feb 25th 2022

    Shoots extremely well out to 1400yards, little area here to test out farther. 7MM Remington Sendero 6-25X50 Vortex

  • 5
    Hodgdon H1000 powder

    Posted by Thomas Wood, Jr on Feb 4th 2022

    Hodgdon H1000 is one of my preferred powders for the 300 Win Mag, 7mm Rem Mag and the Weatherly 257 Mag cartridges.

  • 5

    Posted by Teddy on Jan 31st 2022

    This powder has been extremely hard to find but it says alot about it. H1000 is a extremely great powder in my 7 mm Remington Magnum and also in my 7 mm lrm