Hodgdon H4831®

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Smokeless Powder

Product Overview

H4831 is an extruded powder in Hodgdon’s Extreme series and it is probably safe to say more big-game animals have been taken by handloaders with H4831 than any other powder.

Bruce “B.E.” Hodgdon was the first supplier to introduce this popular propellant in 1950 and, since that time, it has become a favorite for cartridges like the 270 Winchester, 25-06 Remington, 280 Remington and 300 Winchester Magnum.

As an Extreme Extruded propellant, it shares the fine quality of insensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, as well as superb uniformity from lot to lot.

Made in Australia. 

Available in 1 lb. and 8 lb. containers.


(14 reviews) Write a Review

14 Reviews

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    Go to Powder

    Posted by Tommy on Sep 21st 2022

    This power has been the best in several 270's that I have owned with 130 grain bullets. Winchester or Remington brass and Federal Match primers.

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    powder 4831

    Posted by Sgt. Dick on May 31st 2022

    Though not the powders I prefer to use and (powders hard to get ) it is a very good powder and equal to some of the other great powders. thank you.

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    Posted by Unknown on May 27th 2022

    Have used this powder for years for my reloading data. I highly recommend. Thanks Hodgdon !!

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    .300 win mag

    Posted by Jd on May 27th 2022

    Works really well for one of my .300 Win Mag recipes.

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    The best ever

    Posted by Thomas Hutcheson on May 19th 2022

    An excellent powder very consistent I use it in several of my rifles

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    Great for accuracy shooting

    Posted by Thomas Smith on May 15th 2022

    Loaded and fired my first sub MOA groups in both .223 and .308 using this powder. Wishing I could get it in bulk right now.

  • 5

    Posted by tpomavil on May 13th 2022

    This powder has been one of my favorites for many years!

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    Best powder on the shelf

    Posted by Robert Bachy on Apr 21st 2022

    I bought this powder for a friend of mine that reloads. He has always used the 4831 and said he would chose it over anything he has used.

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    Posted by Charles on Mar 29th 2022

    Great product. Quality control is great and lot to lot consistency is great.