IMR Enduron® 4166

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Smokeless Powder

Product Overview

IMR Enduron 4166 is a versatile, match-grade propellant, with the fastest burn rate in the Enduron line. It is an extruded powder with a perfect burn speed for cartridges like 308 Winchester, 7.62mm NATO, 22-250 Remington or 257 Roberts, among other cartridges.

The main features of the Enduron series are copper fouling eliminator, insensitivity to temperature changes, ideal loading density and being environmentally friendly.

This propellant performs comparably to Hodgdon Varget but charge weights are materially different.

IMR recommends always consulting for the most accurate, up-to-date data.

Available in 1-LB and 8-LB containers.


(13 reviews) Write a Review

13 Reviews

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    imr4166 is great in 6mm dasher

    Posted by Christopher Brown on Apr 19th 2022

    I use this powder in my 6mm dasher bench gun. the accuracy is the same as varget but the velocity is a bit higher with a couple of 10ths less powder. this stuff is not affected temp at all. I live in florida and shoot the same load all year. Great stuff!

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    4166 Enduron

    Posted by Randy on Nov 26th 2021

    Really like this powder, the accuracy it produces is amazing I will lots more if I can find it. Love the copper fouling eliminator makes cleaning a breeze

  • 4
    Very consistent velocity

    Posted by Paul rosenkranz on Nov 9th 2021

    Very consistent velocity, quality powder, not so good on powder throw due to it being a stick powder. Other than that , great job, thanks.

  • 5
    4166 in my 223

    Posted by TY on Oct 24th 2021

    I'm using this in my Tikka CTR 223 under 73 gr Berger BT target bullets. Was able to find a node fairly quickly and with a little seating adjustment, it's shooting .3 moa or better. I'm very happy with this powder.

  • 5
    First 308 loads

    Posted by Alexis Perez on Oct 13th 2021

    Was looking for an equivalent powder from H4895 when I ran into the 4166. First load. CL 2.005 OAL 2770 Sierra Case 44gr 4166 5 rounds shot FPS low 2735 high 2789 My factory sierra high 2576... Awsome powder in my book.

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    Imr-4166 in 30-30 win.

    Posted by Harper on Aug 30th 2021

    Loads case to bottom of bullet, clean burning, very consistent, accurate results with no flyers, flows thru powder measure with a. .1 to .2 gr accuracy. Will purchase more. Thanks

  • 5

    Posted by Phillip Jackson on Aug 1st 2021

    This is a great powder for my .308,.

  • 5
    Still a work in progress

    Posted by Gerry on Jun 26th 2021

    It acts a whole lot like Varget, but is much easier to find. When I hit that node It's going to be great. I use in 243 Win and 6.5 CM. They both love it.

  • 4
    IMR 4166

    Posted by Jim on Jun 13th 2021

    Good powder