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Smokeless Powder

Product Overview

Accurate No. 2 is an extremely fast burning, double-base, spherical handgun powder suitable for use in a wide range of handgun calibers. Low recoil and low flash make No. 2 well suited for use in short barrel, concealed carry applications. No. 2 is a non-position sensitive powder and low charge weights make it an economical and versatile choice for high volume handgun shooters. Made in the USA.


(13 reviews) Write a Review

13 Reviews

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    Number 2 has become my standard powder

    Posted by Don D on Jun 13th 2024

    For decades I mainly usedWinchester powders but during Covid I had to find substitutes and wound up trying #2. What I love about #2, it’s spherical and meters very well, it’s very clean in light loads, no position sensitivity with light loads, works very well in a wide variety of calibers and with a wide variety of bullets. I’m also finding recoil is mild and accuracy is excellent plus it is well suited for short barrel revolvers. Even in a 2” barrel I don’t get a lot of I burned powder of flash. I’ve not found any downside to this powder.

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    A no 2

    Posted by Richard Pfeifer on May 14th 2022

    This powder is great for developing lower recoil plinking loads in my large caliber pistols.

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    Good clean burning powder

    Posted by Geoff draughon on Apr 17th 2022

    Worked up a good load for my 38. Love this stuff. Will be ordering more

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    Accurate # 2 Powder

    Posted by John Valenti on Mar 6th 2022

    Without a doubt the absolute best pwder for .38 Special target ammunition. I've used Solo 1000 which is also a wonderful powder for .38 and .45, but it does not meter as easily as Accurate # 2. i've also used Bullseye and Winchester 231, neither of which is better than # 2, and Bullseye is much dirtier.

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    I love this powder

    Posted by FrugalPrepper on Mar 3rd 2022

    I really love Accurate #2. My Father in Law used it for Trap Shooting reloads. I found an old can of it and started using it my my 380, 9MM, 38Special, and 357 Magnums. I love this powder so much that I bought 2 more of them. It is great in small stubby handgun loads, burn clean, and leave virtually no smoke.

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    A no. 2

    Posted by William Parker on Sep 26th 2021

    Works well.

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    No. 2 Powder

    Posted by Steve J on Sep 10th 2021

    I consider myself a rookie still at reloading, I might have done about 1000 in 20 years. What I can say is using this powder for .38, .357, and .40 and it works just fine for our needs, shoots as well as any factory loads and I have learned so much about ballistics. That is priceless.

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    Great for 9MM and 45ACP. Very economical to use.

    Posted by Scott Baber on Jul 25th 2021

    I have used this powder for years for reloading 9MM and 45ACP for my registered Sub machine guns. It is very economical to use and shoots well in my MACS, Sten gun, and Reising. Just a great powder that goes a long way.

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    Posted by Unknown on Jul 6th 2021