Accurate 4350®

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Product Overview

Accurate 4350 is a short cut, single-base, extruded rifle powder in the extremely popular 4350 burn range. A highly versatile powder, 4350 can be used in a wide range of cartridges from the popular 243 Win to the 338 Win Mag with excellent results. Accurate 4350® is an exceptional choice for the 6mm Rem, 270 Win, 280 Rem and 300 WSM. This short cut extruded powder meters accurately, resulting in excellent shot-to-shot consistency. Made in Canada.


(8 reviews) Write a Review

8 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Dh on Dec 2nd 2023

    It took me awhile getting a load to suit my short action .284. Once I did Find a node w/ no stiff bolt, it bug holed, maybe a little less fps but very consistent. I'm a fanatic on accuracy. I've been loading this rifle since 64' & this is powder fits the bill.

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    Posted by William on Nov 19th 2023

    This powder does good w/ 50 gr. Behind the 139 interlock, but any more than that & I start getting a sticky bolt ?. I like this powder, just have back way off the max. Load.

  • 5

    Posted by Jerry on May 29th 2022

    Slower than the H version and better imo in the 6.5 CM

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    AA 4350

    Posted by James Meadows on Nov 11th 2021

    One solid powder! I achieved .250 groups with this out of my 300 Win Mag. One of my favorite powders. One raggedy hole is always welcome.

  • 5

    Posted by Jerry on Jul 10th 2021

    Have used this powder for years and have many loads for different rifles.Even though it's close to IMR powder work up your loads

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    Very uniform performance.

    Posted by Unknown on May 14th 2021

    This is my go to powder for .30-06 bolt action rifles. It also works great in older rifles such as .30-40 Krag.

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    accurate 4350

    Posted by Tom Hatlestad on Apr 22nd 2021

    I replaced the IMR 4350 with Accurate 4350 as I was having a very hard time finding any IMR. This Accurate shot a little more accurate with the exact load of the IMR. FPS was only 18 FPS slower with the Accurate powder.

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    Posted by Murphy on Mar 8th 2021

    Good powder and fast shipping at a fair price