Western Powders Load Manual

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Western Powders Load Manual


(45 reviews) Write a Review

45 Reviews

  • 5
    Western reloading book

    Posted by Seamus on Aug 1st 2022

    Great resource for reloading

  • 5
    Western powders load manual.

    Posted by Jim on Jul 29th 2022

    Awesome manual. Awesome price. I have quite a few load manuals. This one is easy to read ( not tiny print) plus it has 5.56.

  • 5
    Western Powders manual

    Posted by 223 on Jun 24th 2022


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    Western powders load manual 1st Ed.

    Posted by Keith on Jun 18th 2022

    It would have been nice to have a listing at the beginning of the pistol and rifle data sections showing the page # for each caliber. I feel the five lines of cleaning info repeated for each caliber with Blackhorn 209 data could have been replaced with a small footnote with the Blackhorn data referring the user to the cleaning data in the Blackhorn section of the book.

  • 5
    Western Powder Manual

    Posted by Big Ant on Jun 15th 2022

    Really great Price to get a manual for the western powders. Does a good job of covering many aspects of this fun hobby.

  • 5
    Loading Manual.

    Posted by WILLIAM P RATIGAN on Jun 14th 2022

    Another great product from Hodgdon. I was disappointed that the 32 Winchester Special didn't make the book, but that's ok as I can use the 30-30 data and it will work out just fine.

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    2022 Load Manual

    Posted by Dave Struthers on Jun 13th 2022

    Don’t like the fact that the .257 Roberts is no longer published in the manual

  • 5
    Western reloading manual

    Posted by mike bales on Jun 5th 2022

    Excellent book of information and price is right.

  • 2

    Posted by Dean on Jun 4th 2022

    Glad I grabbed this manual when it was on sale for $5, and not full price. Manual is lacking info for many of the more popular rifle cartridges, today. Nothing on for the 6.5 or 300PRCs, or 280 Ackley Improved, to name a few. 6mm Shooters/reloaders will be disappointed - no 6mm Dasher, 6mm GT, 6mm Creedmoor, 6mm ARC. Only cartridges I found semi-useful info on was the 7mm SAUM.