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The Hodgdon Annual Manual is in its 19th year of production, maintaining a remarkable sell through on the newsstand, and an additional 30,000 copies sold through our distributors.

We will be placing one hundred and ten thousand copies on the newsstand for 90 days, beginning January 1, 2022. Annual Manuals remain on the reloader’s bench for years to come.

The 2022 Annual Manual will be a special 75th Anniversary edition, which will expand to 196 pages (a 24-page increase over 2021), upgraded paper used in the publication and the addition of reloading data for the Accurate and Ramshot brands.


(106 reviews) Write a Review

106 Reviews

  • 5
    loading manual

    Posted by T. L. Sturgis Fields on Sep 16th 2022

    Gave me the broad spectrum info , on powders, cartridges , & what different powders will work on most all cartridges , you just have to tweek in your formula for what 's right for your cartridge , grains of powder & bullet weight ,, good articles also , perfect addition to my library

  • 3
    Reloading Manual

    Posted by James English on Sep 2nd 2022

    The manual has some good info but it is not thorough as it does not sufficiently cover all powder use for a given caliber / bullet weight. For 158 gr in 40 cal, does not show Accurate #7 powder nor does it have any info on a 44 special cal. Not as good or detailed as my older, Accurate reloading book. But helpful if used with the older book. JE

  • 3

    Posted by mike on Aug 29th 2022

    need's shotgun data with new powder

  • 5
    2022 annual reloading manual

    Posted by John Long on Aug 20th 2022

    Very good read plus very good reloading data. Grew up on the Missouri side but frequented the Bullethole, great place.

  • 3
    NO .44 SPL load data

    Posted by Mik Shapiroe on Aug 15th 2022

    I've been buying the annual manual for several years for the informative articles and especially for new load data with some of the newer powders. I have to echo Thom. NO .44 Spl data. Very disappointing. It cost me to rate you down. Suggestion for future issues: .380 ACP cast bullet data, especially with bullets in the 95 - 100 gr range. thank you

  • 4
    2222 Anual

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 15th 2022

    Still some good info

  • 4
    Hodgdon 2022 manual

    Posted by Frank in Florida on Jul 15th 2022

    I like the new format of the load date. Much easier to read however, I was a little disappointed that the 7mm WSM was omitted. Still a good, useful reloading tool.

  • 2
    2022 Annual Reloading Guide. Poor!

    Posted by Greg Emswiler on Jun 19th 2022

    Did not even have 6.5 Grendel ! ! IMHO not a good purchase. Just stick to online data resources. Not worth the funds I spent.

  • 5
    2022 manuel

    Posted by Gary Borst on Jun 16th 2022

    Great manuel, I have the 2015 which is very similiar, 2022 has a few extras. The one thing that would be nice is the +p data like the western powders carries in their load data guide. It's good to know that the 45acp cases can handle 23000 psi and has data for it.